Christian Book Review | The Connected Church: A Social Media Communication Guide by Natchi Lazarus

The Connected Church: A Social Media Communication Strategy Guide for Churches, Nonprofits and Individuals in Ministry by Natchi Lazarus. (unsure of publishing house) 2017. 400 pages. Reviewed by Thomas C. Wilcox.


Great for People in Support and Social Media Roles

Natchi Lazarus has been teaching and leading churches on how to use social media in India and worldwide with his training courses and books and this book is no exception. In it, Lazarus aims to teach us how we can best implement social media into our churches and ministries to reach a larger audience and, as Lazarus pointed out, to reach people where they are (a point which I highly agree with).

Lazarus opens the book with a bit on why social media should be important to us as ministers to implement. After this, he gives an overview of some of the basic principles of social media. And to wrap things up, he brings us to his recommended Connected Church Communication Model(™) and S.P.I.R.I.T. Framework(™)

I would say one of the strengths of this book is not only how widely it can be applied across both the ministry and the business spectrum but also, specifically how Lazarus addresses the various types of audiences. I found this to be especially helpful. One downside would be that some (but definitely not all) of the information is considered common knowledge in the world of social media such as making sure the quality of your audio and video is on point.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is going to take a support role in a ministry or church to learn what the best practices are when it comes to social media in a church setting.

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