Christian Book Review |The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers by Gary Collins

The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers: Relating the Basic Teachings of Scripture to People’s Problems (Pilgrimage Growth Guide) by Gary Collins, Carol Stream, IL, NavPress January 1, 1993. 288 pages. Reviewed by Thomas C. Wilcox.


A Fantastic Blend of Counseling & Theology

The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers, by Gary Collins, is a practical theological guide with a focus on theology’s impact on counseling. According to the author, the reason for this book is that, although there are many books on psychology or psychotherapy, there were relatively few that come from a Christian worldview and even fewer that focus on how God’s Word should affect the counsel we give.

Although this book leans a bit heavier on theology than on counseling, I think Collins did a fantastic job at blending the two and doing so in a way that is both well reasoned and for the most part does not stretch the bible citations out of context.

One downside, however, is the length of the chapters are a bit long. I often found that it would take me one and a half to two hours to finish a chapter. However, they were usually well worth the effort.

Overall, I recommend this book for understanding the importance of worldview in relation to the general practice of counseling. More specifically, I recommend it for Christians who want to know how to bring God’s Word into the counseling setting.

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