Christian Book Review | Guide to Effective Pastoral Preaching by Tony Guthrie

Guide to Effective Pastoral Preaching by Tony Guthrie. Amazon: Kindle, 2014. 173 pages. Reviewed by Thomas C Wilcox.


Worth The Read!

Guide to Effective Pastoral Preaching by Tony Guthrie is his collection of various speeches and lectures Guthrie gave on the topic during his career as a college professor. Guthrie’s main reason for writing this book is to bring to light what he deems as an urgent call to action on what it means to be a pastoral preacher. One strength of the book in my opinion is how each topic is laid out in a logical manner each chapter building on the previous. I also enjoyed seeing certain areas from a different perspective as well. Although the book does offer a lot of wise advice I would warn that one of the weaknesses of Guthrie’s collection of lectures is that sometimes the scriptures or theology being presented is out of context.

All in all, I would say it is worth the read and Guthrie definitely has some great ideas in here that will bless the hearer for sure. If you are a seminary student or just a pastor who is looking to expand his horizons I recommend this book to you for new ideas and a pastoral/spiritual check.

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