Discipleship Intensive

Ready to embark on a remarkable growth journey? Here's a 12-week event designed to get at the heart of your faith and guide you in your walk with Christ!

The Next Intensive will start later this year

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The Discipleship Intensive will include:

  • A One-on-One Meeting to Discover Your Personalized Faith Development Plan

  • Weekly Group Calls/Meetings

  • Access to The Growing in Faith Discipleship Intensive Community

  • And an accountability partner to help you out every step of the way!

"Tom loves so big and so personally."
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"I was discipled by Tom for a year and he has impacted my life in many remarkable ways. I am so much more confident in my understanding of the Gospels and how to live them out in my life. Tom has mentored me through my marriage. We both are Kansas guys in a cross cultural relationship with Christian women from Southeast Asia. It is so comforting knowing Tom knows my struggles and is praying for me every week. He is incredibly consistent with his follow through. He’s always challenging me to establish habits of reading my Bible everyday, trusting God, and submitting my life to Him. He is always respectful and efficient with our time together. 


"If you are someone looking to have an impactful one on one discipleship with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor who loves you, Tom is excellent. No matter where we are in the world he always makes our video chat time and the conversation from before picks right back up. If you are a young adult going through life change and looking to be led by Christ in your marriage, finances, and mental health you are in the right hands with Tom. He loves so big and so personally."

— TANUR BADGLEY Host of "People of Purpose" Podcast