No Fake Christians!: Paving A Way To Genuine Faith

This loving book of rebuke exposes:

  • How our legalism stands in the way of God’s grace

  • How we turn away people looking for Jesus who aren’t like us

  • How we play pretend just to look good on the outside

  • How we disobey God’s command to love one another

  • How we blatantly neglect what God has called us to do (prayer, reading the Bible, the Great Commission, etc.)

Read until the end as this book of hope also reveals:

  • What we can do in areas where we’ve missed the mark

  • And other things that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you!


"I was discipled by Tom for a year and he has impacted my life in many remarkable ways. He shows his extensive understand and application of the Bible in this book. I am so much more confident in my understanding of the Gospels and how to live them out in my life...

"Tom calls it like it is and can always back up his claims with the truth of the Bible."

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"Tom gives key essential points every Christian should know. This is a great book for new Christians, and for mature Christians needing a reminder of what living the Christian life is all about. I am sure every Christian can find something in the book to make them say, "hey I can work on that.”

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"This is a GREAT book that challenges you as a Christian. The Key Truths are items that every Christian should be fully aware of in their daily walk. Scripture references are great for sharing in discussions and book should be kept as a reference tool for every Christian to help keep their eyes on Jesus!!"

About The Author

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Tom, the continual learner, has spent the last 4 plus years of

his life on a deep dive of Christianity, Culture, and The World

around him. He specializes in seeing how God relates to our

everyday life and how to gain clarity in the mess that is world



Tom has been a follower of Christ since 2012 and has developed a hunger to learn more and teach others about Jesus, Christianity, and The Bible. With that, he just finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry and Church Business Administration and is working on his Masters of Ministry specializing in Biblical Counseling and Religious Education.


Tom currently lives in the Philippines and is happily married to his wife Pia. They are blessed with two wonderful children, Naomi and Hezekiah.